HNB WC-1 Street Glove

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HNB WC-1 Street glove is the perfect solution for the street rider who wants a bit more protection than the comparable brand gloves but doesn't want a full gauntlet. Constructed in premium bovine leather with soft internals, the WC-1 includes stingray palm sliders. The simple yet elegant feeling thumb pads have phone sensitive material so you won't need to de-glove to work your phone. The knuckles are protected with a TPU formed carbon fiber look in matte finish. 

WC-1 glove features:
- bovine leather
- premium soft lining
- stingray palm sliders
- TPU hard knuckle protection
- underslung wrist strap
- phone touch sensitive thumb pads
 Currently the WC-1 glove is available in non-custom sizes and in black as shown.