Shane Rider Sprint - 03 Cr85R MINIMOTO

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Thank you guys for checking this one out. 

Sprint for Shane Rider. this one will work differently. Because its intended to generate funds to support his family, we will have no slots. we will leave this one open with hopes we can drop a good bit of coin into the gofundme that was set up for earlier today. every 30 spent will get its own your name on the wheel. if you drop 90, youll get 3 slots on the wheel. 

going to set slot costs at 30 dollars per. Ive spent a ton on this mini Honda, so anything over 2400 will go into the family gofundme. we will name the donation "From the Thunderdome" as to provide a bit of transparancy on this new process. Id like to close this one on wedensday if possible. 

OK this bike. 

it has a mechanical issue. it ran for me for roughly 6 minutes and then refused to start again. I do not know what the issue is. 

the bottom end it a hot rods build with replaced bearings and gaskets. the crank bearing are well within spec. the top end is all new OEM Honda, with new OEM fasteners and Studs. the top end, and right case bearings and gaskets are all 6 minutes old, as is the top end. the rest of the build is 8 laps at my cart track old, roughly 15 minutes of use. Brand new comment below suggests the explanation above. 


2003 CR85R mini moto setup.

- Brand new lectron carb

- brand new top end (weisco)

- new OEM cylinder and head.

- race tech suspension built by MRP Motorsports. 6 laps on suspension. Race tech gold valves with custom shim stack. all new OEM Honda parts front and rear, that aren't Race tech

- RC390 caliper with mad labs bracket caliper is clearance to clear the 12 inch wheel. all new wheel bearings. the caliper is used. the pads are EBC HH (new)

- core moto brake lines - custom length and fittings for the KTM bits.

- big rotor - 250MM

- 12 mags with Pirelli scooter SC tires. 

- new chain drive, extra sprockets

- New plastics and seat cover

- spool chain adjusters.

- all new bearings throughout. suspension linkage was installed by MRP. 

- new pro race billet exhaust manifold

- KLX110 bars

Not New:

 - Vforce 3 carbon fiber reeds.

- Pro circuit exhaust. 


thanks again guys.